Dan Gunning Attorney at Law

Having to deal with your legal problems and worrying about the result means less time for doing what is important - focusing on running your business. We live and work in a difficult legal environment. Business and real estate lawsuits can be time-consuming and expensive. Negotiating contracts and ensuring compliance with state and federal laws can be complicated.

Based in Santa Clarita, California, I am a lawyer dedicated to providing my clients with effective and efficient legal services. I understand that your focus is on building a successful and profitable business. To that end, my goal is to provide practical and cost-efficient solutions to your problems, giving you the peace of mind that come from knowing you have someone looking out for your best interests, someone who shares your worries and concerns. With experience in working with individuals, local businesses and national corporations, I strive to help you avoid costly problems before they arise, and to deal with them if they do. My job is to help your business succeed by simplifying the legal process and helping you to understand your options so you can make the best decisions moving forward.

Dan Gunning